10 Things Everyone Should Know Before Becoming an Entrepreneur

I recently came across this list, on Linked In and wanted to share it with you.

10 Things Everyone Should Know Before Becoming an Entrepreneur

  1. There is no substitute for love.
  2. You are your greatest investment.
  3. Mindfulness helps you survive.
  4. Suffering needs to be your friend.
  5. You need to inspire yourself every day.
  6. Avoid people who hold you back.
  7. Believing in chance encounters moves us forward.
  8. Saying “no” and making tough calls is essential.
  9. Being intentionally omnivorous allows us to be diverse.
  10.  Treating yourself kindly is a must.

I love reading lists – Top 10 Beauty Tips, 10 Most Effective Exercises to Lose Belly Fat, 10 Essential Ingredients for Your Pantry and more. Reading those lists helps me feel as though I am on track in my life. Sometimes the list provides a quick  self-assessment or check-in. Other times I have forgotten the list entirely the moment I’ve turned the page. Then there are the lists that speak to me immediately. I read those lists multiple times  to savor each point. That was my experience when I read the list above.

It was item #7 which resonated most with me,  Believing in chance encounters moves us forward. Although I no longer believe in luck or chance, the sentiment of that statement is what I connected with. No matter who we meet, when or where we meet them there is an opportunity for growth. Recognizing the opportunity does take practice and intentionality. Understanding  that no matter the circumstances of the encounter, good, bad or indifferent there is a lesson to be learned which will help us become better human beings. And yes we may not “take the high road” each time but our awareness of this option makes the difference in the experience.

What are some your favorite top 10 lists?