A New Path – My Start-Up Journey

Well we’ve launched our new website Ethnic Luxe. Yeah, go check us out.

The site went live in December, one week before Christmas. We began actively working on this concept in January 2014 however,  since the site went live it’s been non-stop every day.

Starting a business or a start-up is a new path for me. I initially joined because I was very interested in the content and mission of the site which is totally in my wheelhouse.  I had to quickly ramp up my learning on start-ups and ecommerce business.

Thankfully we have the internets.  Big difference from my college days. Although the internet was available, one still had to trek to the university library to source information.  The internet then is not what it is today. Today there is a plethora of information at your finger tips. Just think of a word, a phrase or a idea, Google it and it shall appear. I refer to Google as my Magic 8 Ball. Remember the Magic 8 Ball toy, well that’s Google.

Magic 8 Ball Toy

Magic 8 Ball Toy

Recently, while Googling information on start-ups and during a conversation with a friend,  I  learned about a few websites that have been resourceful as well as entertaining. I have listed  a few here.

FounderDating is the premier network for entrepreneurs to connect with each other, cofounders and advisors. Basically its sort of like a dating site for entrepeneurs. Very cool.

I heard about Founder Dating on a podcast series I have been listening to StartUp by Gimlet Media. The creator, Alex Blumberg, is the same person who created the popular series This American Life on NPR. Gimlet Media his new venture is a network of high-quality, narrative podcasts. “Gimlet Media launched in 2014 with StartUp and Reply All, and more shows on the way. It’s irresistible audio in your pocket.”

Oh and another site I’ve been exploring is The Grunt Fund/ Slicing Pie a website about startup equity. There is app you can use to calculate what percentage of the company equity certain stakeholders should receive.

So much to learn on this new path. Our mission at Ethnic Luxe  is looking good, while good good.  Time to get back to my learnings so I can make that happen.

Hey if you have websites, stories or contacts to share please do. Go Well!